Saturday, 19 February 2011

About me

A simple boy or i can say a very simple boy...
A very SENTIMENTAL person who becomes emotional in small things
A very calm person acording to my friends and a sweet and cute heart.
yes it is right that i am slow and something something lazy acording to my friends and father(thay told me always that word at the time of joking :-P)
but i am a creative thinker who has his own dreams..
A precticle person who always ready to share and gain knowledge.
I can devide my life in three phases
  1. before 10th
  2. between 10th to before admission
  3. after admission to now..
For me my family and my friends everything specially those two persons after my family who are responsible to give me a new life when i was totally in darkness of sorrow and forgot to smile they came into my life and started to learn me the all the stuff of life. thay show me the world of love and dreams and create a never ended chapter in the book of my life. I can share my all the feeling with both and they never leave me alone at that time when i am sad or wanna need someone's company. thank you SUNTY & RDX to being a part of my life and for your beautifull flawless contribution in it.
And about my family i want to say 'love you PAPA', you are a great person really
I always feel proudy when i say that i am the son of ASHOK CHAPRE. sorry papa if i hearted you in any moment. i will never break your belief on me.
And about MAMMI u can say me 'maa ka ladla' the love and care which she gives me this can never comparable. and now my lovly BHAIYA a sweet heart and hardworker and a ideal person for me 'tu bhaiya itna sab kaise kar leta he?'
VAHINI now its your turn, do u know what was spoken by yashwant mama? 'is ghar me khagu aur sarla k bich vastvik sneh(prem) he.' may be hum humesha smallthings pr ladte he, 1 dsre ki nuskh nikalte he, but yahi to atmiyta hoti he na:-p
And jiji.................miss you always...:(
now i want to give a great thanx to my friends who helps me serval times 

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